Our Services

Our main job is to do the order follow ups,inspections,quality checks,consolidations of orders as well as sourcing for buyers .

INDIAN TOUCH is fully capable and equipped to handle in a organized and professional manner, all aspects of Sourcing, Vendor Development, Product Development, Sampling, Quality Control, Prompt Communication in the field of Handicrafts, Furniture items, Tableware & Home Furnishings.


INDIAN TOUCH will be your base headquarters in India and we work as 'BUYER REPRESENTATIVES' in India.Below are services we provide:


INDIAN TOUCH has for main objective to put in place an optimum sourcing policy for you.

When you give us a design or a product, INDIAN TOUCH with your collaboration has to choose the most capable manufacturer in keeping in mind the Price, Quality, his Capacity, Delivery dates…

INDIAN TOUCH has to always keep you aware of all the new materials and manufacturers present in the Indian Market so that you is always ahead of its competitors and in touch with the market trends.


Once we have selected together the manufacturer and the product, we proceed on to the sampling stage.

INDIAN TOUCH must check the samples before they even leave India to see if they are in conformity to what you expects (in order to avoid wasting time & money on courier packets)

INDIAN TOUCH asks it’s manufacturers at least two or even three set of samples (one for you, one for us, and one for the manufacturer) in order to be sure that during production there is no change in the raw material, quality, colors, sizes etc and it is very important for us to have a counter sample when there is a reorder.

Regarding furniture, our QC will check the samples before they leave the vendor's factory and will also counter sign the vendor's sample so in case of an order on that item we will know what exactly is the finish and the dimensions.


Once the orders are confirmed by you, INDIAN TOUCH while passing forward the orders sign with the manufacturers a sort of a “ PACT” in which the manufacturer assumes full responsibility to respect the quality, his prices, and specially the delivery dates.

If the manufacturer gets late in the production process, depending on the delay he can be asked to send the full shipment by air at his cost if required by the buyer as he is bound by our “PACT” OR give a discount negotiated between the you and the manufacturer.


This is major part of our services as we are eyes for the buyers who are sitting miles away & we make sure that the end product reaching the buyer is as per buyer requirement.

We follow 2-3 inspections during different stages of production- like initial(when raw materials are inhouse),online/mid line(when items are in raw stage) & final inspection(when goods are completely ready/packed ).

These depend on requirement of each of the respective buyer

We give a lot of importance to the packing, carton markings, code bars which is very important point when the goods reach the buyer warehouses.

INDIAN TOUCH in also inspects according to the AQL system when required by any buyer. This system also warns you that after a certain number of mistakes found in the shipment, the shipment stays cancelled.


We help the buyers with smaller orders to consolidate these orders and shipments in our custom warehouse and then to chose with your collaboration, the most suited forwarding agent as well as the sea freight company.

When the manufactures use their own forwarding agents and sea freight companies, it is always on the cost of you-the buyer and they always look for their own interests whereas it is always you that pays! Therefore it is always better to have one’s own transport logistics.

For any enquiry mail us: admin@indiantouch.in